Nu nar jag sitter och kollar igenom alla bilder sa saknar jag dig annu mer mamma! Jag har hemlangtan sa att det gor ont i hela sjalen! De har 5 manderna maste ga fort nu!

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Mum & Ullis del 2

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Mum & Ullis del 1

Jag later bilderna prata for sig sjalva. Jag kommer att lagga upp bilderna i ordning. Det har var forsta dagen, de hade precis klivit av planet. Jag saknar dom sa himla mycket redan! 3 underbara veckor! Det blev manga tarar pa flygplatsen och aven under natten, men nu kanns det battre, vi ses ju snart!

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Nemen titta!

Me and James were a little bit bored in the car when we were waiting for the fairy. James played with his iphone and desided to google my name. Look what came up, I didn't know that a photo of me was published in the Brisbane Times. It's from o photoshoot we had at Limes in the end of Semptember. Anyway, I'm taking my mum and Ullrika to Limes tonight for some coctails and some snacks. Just 2 days left now, and then she's gone again :(

PS: Fraser was like a dream, alot of pictures are coming up soon!

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Fraser Island! :D

We had a lovely time in Sydney. We satt down in the sun by the opera house and had a bottle of red, we took a walk in the chines garden, we went to a cupcake cafe, we shopped at the city markets, we went to The IVY which was the coolest cocktail bar/ resturant I've ever been to, we danced, we had nice dinners in darling harbour and y eah, we did alot of fun things! Well, more about that when I can upload all the photos.

I'm in school, and I can't get much done because I'm t hinking about our trip to Fraser. Tomorrow we leave in two 4 wheel drive cars, to have 4 wonderful days at Fraser island. It's a 75 mile long beach with heaps of beautiful places to see! I'm sooo exited! :D I'm going to drop a big photobomb here when my mum leaves for Sweden and I have time to spend some time by the computer. Right now I just want to spend as much time with her as possible.
speak soon!

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Hello !

Unfortunately I have to write this in English, our school mac’s are still not allowing us to write with a Swedish keyboard. Anyway, my computer crashed last week, and that’s why I haven’t updated my blog at all. I’m going to bring some pictures on Monday and update you, promise! It’s been a lovely week with my mum and Ullrika. They landed around 12 on Friday and just an hour later we where on or way to the rain forest and heaps of beautiful waterfalls. They where tired but I think it was a good call, they haven’t been jetlaged at all!
The next they we went to the gold coast. We shopped some Ralph Lauren at harbour town and spent some time on the lovely beach in burleigh heads. On Saturday night while mum and Ullis had a glass of wine in our warm jacuzzi I worked at Limes as a scary skeleton. It was a fun night.

On Sunday James and I picked up mum and Ullrika to go to Nosa. We had perfect weather! It as cloudy while we were driving, and sunny when we arrived at Nosa. Unfortunately we didn’t see any wild Koalas or dolphins put we saw a big Python on or way to Mololaba. It was at least 3 meters long!! I have pictures of it, and I promise you to post it here soon. Mololaba where a lovely little coast town. A lot of nice restaurants and the hotel were really nice, like a little apartment. After a lovely steak and a bottle of red at one of the restaurants along the beach we were pretty tired.

Next day Australia zoo was on the schedule. James dad got us free tickets so we just walked in. We were also suppose to get a private guide but they’ve done something wrong so there was no guides available. But we had a great day anyway. I’m not a big fan of zoo’s but you have to see this when you are in Australia, that’s for sure. To day is the last day of school, tomorrow me, Malin, Mum and Ullrika are flying to Sydney. We have to go up 03.45 tomorrow morning, puh! Tonight we are having a barbecue at our place. We just have to pray that the weather doesn’t ruin that. Speak soon! Chingeling.

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